Friday, 30 January 2009

Catching up.... and more rain

This is what happens when a truck approaches a large puddle at speed. A car had tried this earlier and nearly came to a dead-stop. The force of hitting that amount of standing water at speed..... well, I'm glad I stayed in today even if it has been a rather dull day.

So to catch up on earlier posts:
1. The new Doctor Who? well its a guy called Matt Smith and we will have to wait until next year to see what he's like in the role.
2. I was offered a job on Friday at last! I had two trial days at the Anoi Bar in the Village Square out at Aphrodite Hills. I go to see the Operations Director on Monday to finalise details and start the process at Human Resources. I am really looking forwards to this job- I had a blast working there even when it was busy- everyone is so nice and I will really get a chance to improve the skills I have there.

I think thats all.

Oh, someone commented on another site about the fact that I had met Terry Pratchett. I met him at a book signing in London- I queued for hours in the cold to see him and he kept on signing until everyone had met him that had waited so long. I got my photo taken with him too. I used to know his cousin who ran a specialist toy shop under Charing Cross station- he sold collectibles. Brings back lots of fond memories despite the fact I was travelling to London to see a Chinese herbalist at the time and see the Consultant Dermatologist at St Thomas' Hospital. I'd so love to meet up with Dr Ian R. Wright again to show how how well my skin has done since I was under his treatment!


... Paige said...

Hi, here by way of Mopheads. I have not been to Cyprus, but it sure does look inviting, nice looking blog too