Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Weird and wonderful


This guy is just the BEST! And this song, well, words fail me!

Song for you!


A weekend away at Oakleaf. To meet some of the guys and gals try this....

An Fianna- a seriously Pagan flavoured website...

See you all soon!

And one of these damn days I shall learn to write HTML so that the damn links work (sorry)......

Sunday, 18 July 2004


Welcome to the Drunk Dragonfly (more on the name later!).

This is the first posting from a (at the moment) sober Dragonfly who is about to go to work... Lets see what we can find to talk about today!

Tonights Tipple

Tonight, audience, I shall be drinking Sherry!!

And no, that doesn't make me a wrinkly, grey-haired old woman. It makes me someone with a very sweet tooth and an awareness that sherry is good for you :-)