Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cats and Cleaning

Have been cleaning today- hard work when these flats haven't been lived in for around 6 months. But I have decided to buy a new fridge-freezer and washing machine that were in the flats. Bargain! Some of the appliances have been hardly used and are like new. Considering the price we paid for the fridge we have, I though I'd got a good deal.

I start work in my new job on Saturday. I have to open a new bank account tomorrow to allow direct payment- but that will work out well as it is the same bank as my landlord so I can arrange a direct payment for the rent!

I have a rice pudding in the oven at the moment. I put mixed spice on the top and it is starting to smell amazing. Great what you can do with a few basic ingredients (milk, rice and sugar).

The picture above is an ATC I did based on the painting by Franz Marc called 'Two Cats'. I love his work- my mum sent me photographs she took of his Tiger painting that I used in a piece of work I did for my GCSE Art. Sad to think that some artists die before their time- makes you wonder what kinds of works they would have done if they had been around for longer.

David hasn't been well. They are admitting him next week for a Cysotscopy (camera examination) and he has a catheter in place yet again. Third in so many weeks. Ugh.


Mary said...

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