Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009! Here's to hoping it's an excellent year all round!

I got my art supplies out today and made a mess! No, only kidding, I was trying to make a home-made glaze using PVA, acrylic medium and varnish with water. Only, it wasn't varnish, it was actually enamel. And did you know that when the above ingredients are mixed together, it thickens where you'd think it would stay thin. Hey ho! Live and learn. It works quite well and now I have a small jar to play with- I had to empty a spice jar so I had something to store it in!

I added some of the powders I have to it- I thought they were kind of graphite powders but they didn't smudge so I'm not sure what they are! The glaze-ish stuff I made stuck them to the paper quite well, so then I decided to stamp some wings onto the patterns I had made and then played with some other stuff.

This is the first of the three I made- all with different silhouettes and slightly different colours but the same basic materials. Yes, they even have stitching on!

I'm hoping the rest of the year brings accomplishments, inspirations, luck and joy.

And I've given up on the idea of making resolutions- I'm wishing instead- thanks to a friend on a forum for suggesting this:

I wish for a job that suits me, pays me what I am worth while working for a company that encourages and respects me and values me.
I wish for health, wealth and happiness for me and everyone around me.
I wish for World Peace.
I wish for chocolate that doesn't make me put on weight and/or helps me to lose it!
I wish for artistic inspiration to continue and for my art to get better and for my skills to be recognised.
I wish for the chance (and funding) to put on a major display of ATC's in Cyprus, for it to be noticed in the national press in both languages and for one of the biggest swaps to take place there with prizes for entrants!

I'm sure there will be more wishes- I could never have just 3, it's not greed, there's just so much I want to make better!

I hope your coming year is amazing!


Denise said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Christians blog! They were over for dinner tonight and of course he was just a big goof-ball! He always makes me smile. It was nice looking at your blog too. You have some nice photos and of course the cute penguin video which I love! Please drop in now and again and watch this amazing child grow!